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The Arizona bee population has escalated in urban areas. Bees are important insects, but do not belong at our homes in swarms of thousands. We see an increase in bees during any temperature spike. Windy days also tend to move swarms into new areas.

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Bee Swarms On Your Property

Bee swarms that arrive on your property need to be addressed immediately. A swarm of thousands can arrive in a few minutes and may be dangerous to your family and neighbors. Africanized bees are found in the valley. They look the same as domestic, but are aggressive. Africanized bees have attacked dogs, and may pose a danger to you and your pets. Avoid swarms and consider calling for professional bee control.

A swarm that lands on your home may cause structural damage. Hives are often found under eves, within pillars, under sheds, hot tubs, BBQs, and other hollow voids. Here is where they often will stay to build honeycomb. You may see only a few bees entering a small hole or crack, but usually 1000s are within the structure. The average swarm involves 10,000 to 20,000 bees. Be cautious around water meter and irrigation boxes. In Chandler, a landscaper was stung over 100 times when a bee swarm was disturbed in a valve box.

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